Class & Workshop Descriptions

Weekly Class Descriptions

All Levels: Techniques are guided with several variations and attention to alignment, allowing the postures to feel accessible to practitioners from different backgrounds and experiences. Incorporates a variety of postures and breathing techniques, with an emphasis on the standing poses, hip openers, twists and forward bends.

Gentle Yoga: If you are new or returning to yoga after some time away, rehabilitating an injury or prefer a quiet and easeful practice pace, gentle yoga will serve you well. Postures are a blend of active and restorative and will be guided with particular attention to alignment and anatomy, keeping your body safe while your mind lets go. We’ll focus on building and maintaining balance, keeping the immune system strong and creating a foundation for further learning.

Morning Practice: A fun, inquisitive way to wake up to sensation in the body and set a tone of mind for the day. Class will be guided with attention to breath and alignment with a focus on fully inhabiting our bodies while observing thoughts and sensations. We’ll encourage circulation and wakefulness, build warmth and play with balance and adaptability. Includes active and Yin-style yoga postures. Knowledge of basic yoga poses is helpful but not required.

Evening Practice: Wind down at the end of the day. Like the Morning Practice, class will be guided with attention to breath and alignment with a focus on fully inhabiting our bodies while observing thoughts and sensations. We’ll explore grounding postures, building up energy reserves for good sleep and turn our attention toward reflection and calming the mind. Includes active and Yin-style yoga postures. and meditation. Knowledge of basic yoga poses is helpful but not required.

Summer Practice: As the seasons change, our bodies and minds benefit from adapting our practices. This class session will explore the unique benefits of complimenting active yoga styles focused on mental and physical rejuvenation with Yin Yoga postures to support the transition through summer. Practice will include breathing techniques and posture sequences to circulate prana, release heat and balance active engagement with nourishing rest and open to growth. Yin Yoga postures will be utilized to stimulate the joints, emphasize the organs that can support health and provide inspiration for balancing outward extension with inner stillness. Practitioners should be comfortable in an all-levels class and interested in furthering their practice; modifications will be offered.

Discovering Balance: An exploration of balance in all its domains. This class will investigate the harmonizing of inhale & exhale, strength & flexibility, will & surrender to help us stimulate balance in our bodies and our lives. A great course to compliment the Fundamentals of Yoga or any Gentle/Beginner class.

Yin Yoga & Meditation
Yin yoga is of particular benefit to the body’s joints and connective tissues. Because these structures don’t respond to repetitive movement the same way that muscles do, yin yoga practices utilize longer holds in postures that emphasize muscular relaxation, especially targeting the upper legs, hips and spine. Supportive relationships between Taoist martial arts practices, meridian theory and meditation enrich this slow, deep practice. $15 or class pass.

Monthly Classes

Restorative Yoga
The insights of deep rest can align our bodies for healing and trend our minds toward simplicity. Well-supported postures that very gently traction the spine and encourage the body’s soft tissues to yield will release tension patterns and nourish the nervous system. As we move towards the colder and darker seasons of the year a restorative practice can be a rejuvenating way to nourish our minds & replenish our energy levels.

Yoga Nidra: Commonly referred to as “yogic sleep,” yoga nidra is a guided meditation practiced in gentle, restorative postures designed to more deeply integrate mind-body-emotional health. The nervous system is coaxed into a state of rest, from where subtler layers of self-understanding can emerge and tensions can be released. Appropriate for all practitioners.


To preregister for Fishmoon Yoga workshops: 207-798-2756,

The Longest Night: A Winter Solstice Yoga Practice

Saturday, 12/21, 4-6pm

Gentle movement complimented by Yin Yoga, restorative postures, meditation & live cello. Build deep reserves for winter. $25/person, spaces are limited. To register: (207) 798-2756 or


Yoga in the Yucatan                                                                                                

with Ann Flannery & Kara Douglas                                                                     

March 7-14, 2020