Spring Half Day Retreat

Fear & Doubt: on the Edge of Growth

A half-day yoga retreat with Certified Life Coach Katie Pulsifer and Yoga Teacher Kara Douglas investigating the uncertainty we can encounter when we challenge our habits and stretch our comfort zones.

What roles do fear and doubt play in our lives? How do they hold us back? What do they signify? How do we clearly identify them, calmly acknowledge them and continue forward despite their grasp?

We’ll combine yoga practice with life coaching techniques to explore how our thoughts shape our responses to life. Using movement to energize and relax our minds & bodies, we’ll tune into subtlety and steady the nervous system. Between yoga practices, Katie will invite us to investigate the roles fear and doubt play in our lives, guiding us through skillful means to learn, grow and flourish.

You can expect: Two yoga practices, one all-levels class that will modify postures to suit practitioners with varied experience and one restorative class that will use techniques to integrate the learning from the day. Between the yoga sessions, we will have small and whole group coaching work exploring the topics of fear and doubt.

Please bring a journal, a water bottle and wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in. We’ll provide tea and light snacks. Yoga mats are available to borrow.

Preregistration required. To register, please call Kara at 207-798-2756 or email

Only $59 in advance 

“…the yoga tradition has called doubt ‘the invisible affliction.’ It is slippery. Hidden. Sneaky. Indeed, it is this very hidden quality that gives doubt its power. I know people who have been stuck in doubt their entire lifetime… They came to (a) crossroads and found themselves rooted there, with one foot firmly planted on each side of the intersection. Alas, they never moved off the dime. They procrastinated. Dithered. Finally, they put a folding chair smack in the center of that crossroads and lived there for the rest of their lives. After a while they forgot entirely that there even was a crossroads – forgot that there was a choice.” – Steven Cope, The Great Work of Your Life

Spring Half Day Retreat

April 29, 2017


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